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Feb 27, 2020

As economies slow around the world, macroeconomists are thinking harder about how to prevent the next fully fledged recession.

Economists believe politicians tend to delay admitting to a recession until it is in full swing, meaning that anti-recession measures are usually delivered too little, too late.

Does it have to...

Feb 27, 2020

Micromanagement is a bad habit that can destroy creativity and innovation, yet many leaders who micromanage regard themselves as thorough and capable.

There are four signs that you should look for if you suspect you are micromanaging your team.

Listen to the story.

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Feb 27, 2020

Technology is now the lifeblood of almost every professional organisation. According to recent CPA Australia research, technology and skills development will be public practitioners’ main focus for the future of their firms.

Firms will need to devote more time and effort on skills development, as well as flexible work...

Feb 27, 2020

Artificial intelligence promises significant benefits for the accounting profession but there are concerns it could make unethical decisions. Accountants and auditors may become “guardians”, acting to intervene when an AI program makes bad decisions.

Standard-setters are consulting on proposed uses of AI...